Networks, The Internet, and the World Wide Web
A globe with network lines covering it.

This is the first lesson in my class, Introduction to HTML & CSS. The lesson is designed to be an early lesson in a CTE course sequence for the career pathway in Information and Communication Technology, Software and Systems Development with the associated occupation of Web Developer. It could also be used in other courses.

Elements, attributes, values and Hello World!
HTML5 logo.

This is the second lesson in my class, Introduction to HTML & CSS, intended to provide an introductory level of information covering core Web technologies, defining HTML, elements, tags, attributes, values and finally demonstrating the student's first web page, Hello World!

File and Folder Management
A folder with files inside.

This partial lesson for my class, Introduction to HTML & CSS, but could be used for any introductory computer class. It covers the importance of Windows file management, the computer desktop metaphor, navigating the Windows File Explorer and the steps for various file management skills.

Number Systems
Circuitry and binary

This introductory lesson explains what number systems are, has a review of decimal system, explains why computers love powers of 2. It covers binary, octal & hex and converting between systems and finally demonstrates the Windows programmers calculator.

Using Color in CSS
Mosiac of various colors in a cubed design.

An introduction to using color in CSS. Lesson objectives are to define the RGB color model, show various methods of adding color and the correct syntax to use, look at various color themes and harmonies and use an online color picker.

Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers
University of Texas Austin, We Teach CS logo.

WeTeach_CS educates, empowers, and inspires K-12 CS teachers, administrators, professional development providers, and university instructors to realize the vision of CSforALL. From University of Texas Austin on edX.

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