In orthodox Christianity it is believed The Godhead eternally exists as three persons - The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. These Three are One God, having the same nature. The Bible says, “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:” (Romans 1:20 KJV).

How are they clearly seen? I am interested here in the word “Godhead” in the above Scripture from the King James version. Using Strong’s Greek Dictionary, the word is translated from the Greek word theiotes - divinity (abstractly): - godhead.

Here is the way some other translations render this word:
divinity – American Literal Translation
divine nature – New International Version
character – Contemporary English Version
And my favorite, although it may not be literal, it certainly expresses the truth.
the mystery of his divine being – The Message.

We may be tempted to use the “mystery” of God as an excuse to not to recognize His Divine Being even when confronted by it (Him) every day, by taking for granted “the things that are made.” I know I have done this for most of my life and still do much of the time.

This type of revelation, the world we see everyday, is what Christian Theologians call General Revelation. As stated above it is “clearly seen” or given by God to all people, everywhere, for all times. General Revelation is: "God's self-manifestation through nature, history, and the inner being of the human person." (Erickson, Christian Theology, p. 154).

Consider the above passage from Scripture and contemplate the Triune God of Christianity; The One Who reveals Himself in The Bible as The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. This type of revelation is what Christian Theologians call Special Revelation which, as R.C. Sproul states, “Not everyone in the world has the opportunity to receive.” (Sproul, Everyone’s a Theologian, p. 20)

Below, is some information we all know to be true. Most of us learned these things in school, maybe in a science class or the like.[1] Taken by themselves they may seem like ordinary, everyday facts. But nothing in our universe is ordinary, but rather all is extraordinary.

After all, if God is a Triune Being, shouldn’t we hope Special Revelation confirms what General Revelation points to, and vice versa? Is it reasonable to expect to see this reflected in nature?

The square below is an ASP TreeView Control, a web programming tool, which is usually used for website navigation. I filled this one with some common triplicates. Just for fun, click the plus signs or each category of my little TreeView to see each root item's set of threes.


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Here's a few more!

On Earth: animal, plant, mineral
Human Growth: physical, mental, spiritual
Human Ability: thought, word, deed
Government: legislative, judicial, executive
The Atom: proton, neutron, electron [4]
The Family: father, mother, child
Primary Colors: red, yellow, blue
Secondary Colors: orange, purple, green
Light: absorption, reflection, transmission
Light: radio (hear), visible (see), infra-red (feel)
Objects: opaque, transparent, translucent
Knowledge: thesis, antithesis, synthesis
Spheres of Influence: us most: Sun, Earth, Moon
Sigmund Freud: id, ego, and superego
Truth: referential, intrapersonal, ideological
Truth: ontological, logical, moral

I have been told a million times not to exaggerate but seriously, there must be a zillion of these triplicities all around us. Dr. J. Vernon McGee once said, when asked why God was a Trinity, "Because four is too many and two is not enough."

Hopefully you found this little article fun and see the enjoyment in noticing God's characteristics in nature. Finding these triplicities or triunities, if you will, was interesting for me and it is incredible to see how God has always expressed Himself through His creation.



[1] This is not meant to be a scientific paper. It is meant to be a fun and interesting way to point out some of God's attributes found in nature.

[2] It had to be said: Many scientists believe that plasma and Bose-Einstein condensate are the 4th and 5th states of matter. Others say they are actually properties of super hot gases (plasma) and super cold solids (B-E condensate).

[3] Even though this article is just for fun, I have read that the upper and lower atmosphere is separated by the ionosphere which absorbs solar radiation. Therefore it is my non-scientific opinion that only the lower atmosphere qualifies to use the nickname “air.” I also think it's hard to breathe up there.

[4] Yes, I know there’s lots more stuff in an atom. I grew up in the fifties. That is the 1950's. Remember - fun!


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