Hello WordPress

So this is my first foray into WordPress, heretofore called WP. I previously looked into WP and thought it was a little daunting due to the default installation creating over 100 folders and almost 1500 files. Also, WP uses MySQL as a data source and I am a MS SQL person. But the main deal breaker, in my mind is the use of  the PHP scripting language, which I know almost nothing about. That being said, I finally installed it anyway for the singular reason that I have this desire to write without all the formatting issues interrupting my train of thought. WP provides that. I guess that is why it is the most popular blogging framework out there. Although, if you look at some of the websites made with WP, it’s obvious that it accommodates much more than blogging.

I actually only want it for the blog capabilities and don’t want the WP framework to be the main part of my site because I also like working under the hood of my ASP.net website. Micromanaging may not be good for a project supervisor, but it is usually good and almost always necessary for web development.

To install WP on an existing website, it must be installed into a sub-folder. That folder then becomes WP’s root folder and requires separate configuration files. The installation was pretty straight forward due to my web host, which is (WinHost), having an app installer that did the work for me. It only required the MySQL database be installed first.

After the installation, the WP Dashboard notified me that there was a newer version, so I attempted to install the latest version using the auto-update button and got a couple of errors with the database connection and the FTP method it uses. It may have been due to the WP installation being in a sub-folder. The WP website support area has step-by-step directions for a manual install, so I did that instead. It was easy even with the FTP file copy taking about a half hour.

Well, I suppose I will be doing some studying in WP and PHP.  I like just being able to write, but I need to be able to tinker around too.


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