Teaching English Language Learners

Blackboard with written words, "New Skills Training."The PowerPoint presentation below is based on my notes and abbreviated definitions of the main components and SIOP Features from the book, Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model by Jana Echevarria, MaryEllenVogt, and Deborah J. Short and published by Pearson Education. Continue reading “Teaching English Language Learners”

Foundations of Classroom Management

Book cover - The First Days of SchoolThe information below is based on the self-assessment questions for the course, Foundations of Classroom Managementand comes from the course syllabus and the student text, The First Days of School by Harry K. and Rosemary T. Wong Continue reading “Foundations of Classroom Management”

Now Meet Edison

Edison microbric robot
Edison microbric robot

I am honing a few of my lost skill sets that went unused over the past twenty years or so while in the work force. My schooling in robotics from way back when shows little resemblance to the plethora of educational opportunities in robotics available today. Here is a STEM resource that would fit well in any class from elementary  through  high school.

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Art and HTML

I’ve owned the domain name krobbins.com for many years. The website using that name has been through many iterations. After not having much on it for a the last couple of years, I resurrected it last year as a testing ground for my web development skills and a place to write about technology. Continue reading “Art and HTML”

Add a Crossword Puzzle

Here is a teaching aid for making vocabulary and word meanings a little more interesting than just word and definition hand-outs.

Crossword puzzle image.
Crossword – web version.

Making a crossword puzzle for your students doesn’t take much longer than just typing up the word definitions. Here is how to add a crossword puzzle the easy way. The software is absolutely free. One of the best crossword puzzle makers out there is found at EclipseCrossword.com. If you have never used it, let’s do a step by step. Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you will see it is so intuitive you probably won’t even need this little article.

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