Meet Edison

As my quest for a teaching credential moves closer to realization, I am honing a few of my lost skill sets that went unused over the past twenty years or so while in the work force. My schooling in robotics from way back when shows little resemblance to the plethora of educational opportunities in robotics available today. Continue reading “Meet Edison”

WordPress Theme Styling

After installing WordPress, you might notice that you can only go so far in modifying the theme using the WP user interface. The most granular control is found in the Editor (Dashboard > Appearance >Editor), where you can modify the CSS, PHP, and HTML directly. I find this a little cumbersome and rather enjoy using Microsoft Visual Studio with all its features, like Intellisense, element formatting, and syntax coloring which all help me write code. Continue reading “WordPress Theme Styling”

Downloading Microsoft Database Examples

For many years Microsoft has provided example databases with its database products, SQL Server and MS Access. I have outlined where and how to download and install five of them to work in your Visual Studio projects. These example databases are useful for training and testing. In this article I include a little history and some practical information on using them. Continue reading “Downloading Microsoft Database Examples”

Database Fundamentals

This is a list of keywords, their meanings, and related resources for a course offered by Microsoft Virtual Academy on the fundamentals of databases. It includes over 4 hours of video instruction by MS certified trainers. It’s a great intro into database terminology, creation, manipulation and management. Continue reading “Database Fundamentals”