WordPress Theme Styling

After installing WordPress, you might notice that you can only go so far in modifying the theme using the WP user interface. The most granular control is found in the Editor (Dashboard > Appearance >Editor), where you can modify the CSS, PHP, and HTML directly. I find this a little cumbersome and rather enjoy using Microsoft Visual Studio with all its features, like Intellisense, element formatting, and syntax coloring which all help me write code. Continue reading “WordPress Theme Styling”

Hello WordPress

So this is my first foray into WordPress, heretofore called WP. I previously looked into WP and thought it was a little daunting due to the default installation creating over 100 folders and almost 1500 files. Also, WP uses MySQL as a data source and I am a MS SQL person. But the main deal breaker, in my mind is the use of  the PHP scripting language, which I know almost nothing about. That being said, I finally installed it anyway for the singular reason that I have this desire to write without all the formatting issues interrupting my train of thought. Continue reading “Hello WordPress”

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language. It has many features, which you can read about at https://www.python.org/, if you’re interested.  Python is taught as an entry level programming language used in an MIT Open CourseWare class available online. It is called  Introduction to Computer Science and Programming – 6.00SC. MIT offers material from 2340 courses and claims over 200 million site visitors.

Python.org logo

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Add a Crossword Puzzle

Here is a teaching aid for making vocabulary and word meanings a little more interesting than just word and definition hand-outs.

Crossword puzzle image.
Crossword – web version.

Making a crossword puzzle for your students doesn’t take much longer than just typing up the word definitions. Here is how to add a crossword puzzle the easy way. The software is absolutely free. One of the best crossword puzzle makers out there is found at EclipseCrossword.com. If you have never used it, let’s do a step by step. Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you will see it is so intuitive you probably won’t even need this little article.

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