Viewing SQL Data - Part 2
A sieve showing data processed into information.

This is the second part of an article about how to display SQL data on an website. In this article we will take up where we left off and as promised, we'll use Visual Studio's built-in tools to add formatting to the data we have retrieved and modify our gridview.

Display XML Data
image of xml icon

An abbreviated version of a walk-through from Microsoft at MSDN showing how to display XML data on a web page using data controls. The XML data file can be copied from the MSDN web site or . . .

Using HTML Escape Codes
A laptop with HTML code on the screen.

Often times when writing a technical article for the web that deals with HTML, it becomes necessary to show the actual markup elements that you are writing about. To do that, the HTML elements need to be escaped or replaced by a reference that renders them as they are. The most common method is by using . . .

Viewing SQL data
A laptop a browser viewing tabular data.

For this article we will use the Microsoft Northwind database example, SQL Server and Visual Studio Community 2015 or 2017 to view data on a web page using a few out of the box web server controls to display that data in an ASP Gridview.

Using Microsoft database examples
Some connected database icons.

For many years Microsoft has shipped example databases with its database products, SQL Server and MS Access. In this article I have listed five that are useful in training and testing. Also included are download links, some practical installation information and a quick tip on using Server Management Studio to restore a database.

Database Fundamentals
Database schema icon.

This is a list of keywords, their meanings, and related resources for a course offered by Microsoft Virtual Academy on the fundamentals of databases. The course includes over 4 hours of video instruction by MS certified trainers. It's a great introduction to database . . .

Retrieving data from an Access database
A bunch of MS Access icons in a pile.

In this little project we will investigate how to show data from a Microsoft Access database on a WebForm in our website.  Here we will take a look at retrieving data from Microsoft Access. As always we are using Visual Studio Community 2015 or2017 and a file system web site on my computer.

Styled Carousel
Bootstrap icon.

In this article we will use the default bootstrap.css Carousel and modify it slightly to your theme. In this case we will use blue and gray base colors that one might use for a theme such as the Bootstrap Cerulean theme. Before we start, let's have a little refresher on what some of the items we will be working with are and what they do. As always we will be working in Visual Studio.

Responsive Carousel

This is a responsive Bootstrap carousel example that fills any container and scales beautifully.

Using Icons in HTML
image of miscelleanous icons

In a previous article I discussed using Unicode as icons for the numbers and bullets in ordered and unordered lists. I was going to do a follow up article on Glyphicons, but in doing the research, the icon topic in general led to an expansion of this article into discussing four free methods of obtaining and using icons for . . .

Computer Science from Crash Course
Crash Course intro slide for Computer Science videos

In 40 excellent computer science videos, author, teacher, and Director of the Pi Foundation, Carrie Anne Philbin teaches you computer science! This course is based on introductory college-level material as well as the AP Computer Science Principles guidelines.

CS50 title screen from EedX Course.

Professor David J. Malan's excellent Computer Science course at Harvard is on EedX. This introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming, delivers a broad and robust understanding of computer science. Free!

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