Foundations of Classroom Management

The information below is based on the self-assessment questions for the course, Foundations of Classroom Managementand comes from the course syllabus and the student text, The First Days of School by Harry K. and Rosemary T. Wong

Assessment Goals

  1. Understand the steps to obtain a clear Designated Subjects credential.
  2. Understand the four stages of teaching.
    • From The First Days of School, page 7.
           Fantasy ⇒ Survival ⇒ Mastery ⇒ Impact
  3. Knowledge of the CTE Model Curriculum Standards and/or the Common Core/K-12 Content Standards.
  4. Knowledge of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.
  5. Knowledge of the California Teacher Performance Expectations.
  6. Understand the four levels of invitational education.
From The First Days of School, page 65.
  1. Understand the five significant concepts that enhance positive expectations.
    • From The First Days of School, page 68.
      1. Name
      2. Please
      3. Thank you
      4. Smile
      5. Love
  2. Knowledge and application of the three characteristics of effective teachers.
    • From The First Days of School, page 10.
      Effective Teacher Pie Chart
  3. Understand and apply the four characteristics of a well-managed classroom.
    • From The First Days of School, page 85.
      1. Students are deeply involved with their work, especially with academic, teacher-led instruction.
      2. Students know what is expected of them and are generally successful.
      3. There is relatively little wasted time, confusion, or disruption.
      4. The climate of the classroom is work-oriented but relaxed and pleasant.
  4. Use a script on the first day of school.
  5. Use a discipline plan that states classroom rules, consequences and rewards.
    • From The First Days of School, page 147.
      1. Teacher Is in Charge (page 149)
      2. Both Student and Teacher Are in Charge (page 158)
      3. Student in Charge (page 162)
  6. Use classroom procedures that promote a safe and effective classroom environment.
    • From The First Days of School, page 164.A smooth running classroom is based on the teacher’s ability to teach procedures. 
  7. Use proven, research-based teaching practices.
    • From The First Days of School, page 29-34.The Research Process Problem: What do I want to know?
      Prediction: What do I think is the right answer?
      Procedure: How will I solve the problem?
      Data: What will I look for?
      Conclusion: What do the results tell me?
  8. Knowledge of the four steps in creating an effective assignment.
    • From The First Days of School, page 225-227.Four Steps to Creating an Effective Assignment 1. Determine what you want the students to accomplish. (page 228)
      2. Write each accomplishment as a single sentence. (page 234)
      3. Give the students a copy of the same sentences. (page 241)
      4. Post or send these sentences home with the students. (page 243)
  9. Create lesson plans using the backward design process.
    • From The First Days of School, page 259.
      1. Identify Desired Results.
      2. Determine Acceptable Evidence.
      3. Plan Learning Experiences and Instruction.
  10. Design lesson plans that activate prior knowledge and include an anticipatory set, objectives, modeling, guided practice, independent practice, assessment, and closure.
    • From The First Days of School, Section D – page 223-296.
    • Use class syllabus for links to standards and sample lesson plans.
  11. Design scoring guides/rubrics that identify how student assignments will be graded.
    • From The First Days of School, page 264-278.
  12. Understand and apply health and safety practices in the classroom.
    • From The First Days of School, partially covered in Section C – page 80-220.
    • Use Internet research per syllabus.
  13. You are provided continuous advisement and support by your employer supervisor and a teacher mentor, and have copies of the completed observation forms.

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