Shaker Style Chest

For my first attempt at building an actual piece of furniture, I thought I would try to find something simple and easy. After looking at a plethora of articles and videos, I narrowed it down to either an entryway sofa table or a blanket chest. I finally settled on trying to make a Shaker style […]

Building a Workbench

Sometime during the past three months of Corona Quarantine, I got the crazy idea that I could build my own furniture. Although I was in the Carpenter’s Union for about 20 years, I was not a carpenter. I was a millwright. Millwrights work more with steel and not so much with wood. For some reason […]

Fancy Lists With HTML & CSS

Creating ordered and unordered lists with HTML alone is somewhat limited. Like all HTML elements, lists require CSS to get prettied up. The options for bullets in unordered lists <ul> only include disc, circle, square, and none. The options for symbols in ordered lists <ol> is also sparse, offering only Arabic numbers, Roman numbers (upper […]

R & R Garage Shelving

The house I recently moved into has a very nice looking two car garage that is completely dry walled and had some storage shelves on one wall. Unfortunately, the shelves were only supported with lag screws from the ceiling and as I added storage bins, they started pulling loose from the ceiling. I realized this […]

Building a Play-set (twice)

Sometime around October of 2012, I decided my grandchildren needed to be able to do something when visiting Papa Kevin other than watch TV with the old man. I kept looking at my back yard and thinking maybe I could get a swing set or something for the kids to have fun on. I spent […]

Google Search x 3

Here are three methods of adding a Google search engine to your website. Two versions are homemade and one version uses a Google script. One is a general web search and two are site searches, which will allow users to search your website. Simple Google Search (Homemade) Google does a search by using a search […]

WHAT NOW? – Tips for IT Grads

It’s tough to find a good job in Information Technology. In fact, it’s tough to find a good job in any field. In IT, as in many fields, you as graduate job hunter are up against stiff competition from seasoned veterans with plenty of experience (not to mention degrees and certificates), college graduates and other […]

Teaching English Language Learners

The PowerPoint presentation below is based on my notes and abbreviated definitions of the main components and SIOP Features from the book, Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model by Jana Echevarria, MaryEllenVogt, and Deborah J. Short and published by Pearson Education. The presentation is a cheat sheet, of sorts and gives the page number […]

Foundations of Classroom Management

The information below is based on the self-assessment questions for the course, Foundations of Classroom Managementand comes from the course syllabus and the student text, The First Days of School by Harry K. and Rosemary T. Wong Assessment Goals Understand the steps to obtain a clear Designated Subjects credential. From Los Angeles County Office of Education:Preliminary Adult Education Credentials […]

Now Meet Edison

I am honing a few of my lost skill sets that went unused over the past twenty years or so while in the work force. My schooling in robotics from way back when shows little resemblance to the plethora of educational opportunities in robotics available today. Here is a STEM resource that would fit well […]